it's basically trash art.

i originally started to draw on webtoon, but i wasn't really comfortable
there. it felt a bit.. lonely there, since i knew there were a lot of people
on the site. it felt like i was in a big crowded room, drawing my own stuff,
while getting that extreme feeling of anxiety, since it felt so loud, but also empty.

i also didn't like the webtoon's formating, it was too much work. i rather like drawing
comics in the more traditional way. some people also inspired me to make a website for
my comics, based on their work, and i felt more creative.

i also never made any websites before this one, meaning i had zero experience with
coding, but i somehow managed to learn the basic stuff that was needed.

[last updated: 06-12-2023]

my second drawing of Mira (unfortunatelly, my program crashed when
i was working on the first concept art, so it's gone..).

very first uwniu cover that i made on webtoon. the comic
was also originally named Blue Light.

FIRST COMIC OMG, sorry i just kinda forgot i still have it saved,
i thought i deleted it (^^') i made this on webtoon, kinda
wasn't sure where i was going with it, though.

test cover for the comic that i actually am drawing right now.
i thought it needed more colors, so i dropped it.

first concept art for Miesh. for some reason, i really hate how i drew him in here.
i wanted him to be more sweet-looking, and the colors sucked as well..

second concept art for Miesh. gotta say i fell in love with this one.


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