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Unplug When Not In Use, a surreal comic about Mira Selby, taking place in 2010. The world full
of unexplained things, that might make sense if you really think about them, or they simply won't.

Mira likes to write in her dream diary, since her dreams are something that is even weirder than
the reality she lives in. She will plug herself inside the world she loves that much.

The first thoughts about making the comics started in 2020, making simple sketches and posting
them on Webtoon. First official page was actually drawn on June 6 2023, the unfinished first
chapter being posted with only 5 first pages (the creator was lazy).

genre: black comedy, surreal comedy, satire, comedy drama, body horror

last released chapter: Chapter 1

take this whole page as
a silly little cozy sofa with a spilled coffee all over it.

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i'm another guy that exists and sniffs the worms.
i don't like doing this stuff.

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